About the FierceBiotech Drug Development Forum

The FierceBiotech Drug Development Forum draws together the industry’s executive decision-makers, to help guide your companies to success throughout the entire life cycle – both for products and for companies themselves. This event gives biopharma leaders the skills to improve their partnership strategies with larger companies, financing sources and outsourced research partners. Our experienced and savvy executive-level speaking faculty will help you shape, select and pitch the best partnerships for drug development, while successfully navigating the financial and regulatory changes arising from a new administration.

This event is aimed at professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and venture capitalist fields responsible for:

            ›  Business Development

            ›  Corporate Development

            ›  Mergers & Acquisitions

            ›  Alliance Management

            ›  Partnering

            ›  Portfolio Management

            ›  Vendor Management

            ›  Licensing

            ›  Clinical Operations

            ›  Clinical Research / Clinical Development

            ›  Strategy / Product Strategy / Strategic Development

            ›  Clinical Trial Management

            ›  Data Management

            ›  Innovation

            ›  Investments

            ›  R&D

            ›  Regulatory Affairs

This event is also of interest to:

            ›  CROs

            ›  Supply chain professionals

            ›  Law firms

            ›  Clinical data management specialists

            ›  Business development specialists